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About cookies - THERMAFER

The cookie is a short text, sent via your browser from the the visited website to the computer. By this the website keeps track of the favourite reports and settings.

THERMAFER ( sends only a cookie to the browser helping identification of the the session. Storing sessions the cookies promote the website functionning and ensure the necessary services for the website visitors, namely it facilitates to reach safely the website pages.

If you don’t want to see these cookies – using our website – on your computer, mobile or tablet, don’t use our website! If in the beginning you accept to use our cookies, later on you may prohibit or cancel the cookies in settings of your browser. We should like however to call your attention that not using cookies our certain services don’t work properly!

As a third party the Google Analytics may send cookies to your computer, which are necessary to monitor visits, ensuring information how to use the pages. These informations are used by us to make statistics and further improvements. The Google Analytics’ files storing infos in anonym form both for the visitors and for us. These files will be set by Google Analytics.

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